Tee Post Extractor

Tee Fence Post Extractors are designed to be the most effective method of Steel Fence post and attached concrete removal at the lowest possible cost to return added profitability to your company. Our Steel Fence post extractors are built to be virtually indestructible providing Steel Fence post equipment that will most likely provide Steel Fence post removal for the life of your company.

Thank you for taking time to watch the demonstration of the Tee post extractor. The Tee  post in this video was set in an 80-pound bag of concrete mix and allowed to cure for several days before this video.
As you can see we are using 2 48” farm jacks to lift the Tee  post extractor device, alternating lifting between jacks as we rock the Tee  post and concrete back and forth to separate the concrete from the ground.
Our objective is Tee  fence post removal and concrete in the smallest amount of time. In this case we able to get the Tee post and concrete out of the ground in less than 4 minutes with 1 person working.
The Tee post execrator is made of 3/8-inch steel and other heavy-duty components that offers a very easy Tee  fence post removal process. 
In our testing so far, the use of 48” farm jacks have led to the best success.

Somethings to consider with using Tee post extractor are:

• If your business removes many Tee posts, your time savings will put dollars on your bottom line.
• If the Tee post integrity has been compromised, the Tee post extractor may not be able to get the Tee  post and concrete out of the ground. Only the post will be removed.
• For best results, using the Tee post extractor with a bobcat, forklift or other machinery is not recommended.
• Our test with hydraulic jacks have not resulting is a good outcome.
• If the Tee  post is separated from the concrete, only the post will be removed.

See the chart below to calculate the potential saving when using Steel Post extractors:

Wood Post Extractors Potential Savings
Wood Post Extractors Potential Savings
Wood Post Extractors Potential Savings
Steel Post Extractors Potential Savings

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